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Revival Wellness Clinic

client: Revival Wellness Clinic

project: Web design, illustration

Revival Wellness Clinic provides services to improve health and appearance, like IV hydration, hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, and aesthetics. Revival Wellness Clinic takes a holistic approach to well-being and customize treatments for each person’s unique needs. When designing this website, the first thing I knew I wanted to incorporate were organic shapes. Since organic shapes are usually soft and flowing, they bring a sense of calmness to the viewer. I used those organic shapes to provide pops of color throughout the website, while keeping most of it clean and bright. The client and I also wanted to represent inclusivity with the imagery—that’s why I used an even mix of lifestyle images and custom line art. The line art leaves a lot to the imagination and helps the user imagine themselves fitting in that space. Revival Wellness Clinic website was built as a custom template in WordPress using Bootstrap, PHP, and SCSS.